SAP Business by Design

 All the core functions you need in one suite

Amplify Your Growth with the Right Solution

Have the foundation to scale and adapt to evolving market demands without the complexity and costs – that’s what you can get with SAP Business by Design. This end-to-end solution enables you to unite core functions and optimize business processes as needed. 10.28 has the experience and training in implementing SAP Business by Design for businesses in different industries. We’re here to show you how to wield the power of technology for your growth.

SAP Business By Design
SAP Business

Why Choose SAP Business by Design?

Growth often comes with added responsibilities and processes. That’s where SAP Business by Design becomes an indispensable addition to your operations. With this solution, you can have pre-built processes to manage different areas of your business, including product management, purchasing and sales, business intelligence, and finance.

  • Intuitive ERP cloud solution to optimize end-to-end processes for growing businesses
  • Real-time analytics to provide actionable insights for improving profit and delivering business impact
  • Agile, flexible solution that helps you adapt to new opportunities and industry demands

Keeping Your Core Functions Connected

SAP Business by Design provides all your business needs in one place without a costly IT infrastructure. All the modules correspond to different areas of your operations while staying connected in a single cloud solution.

Project Management
Supply Chain Management
Human Resources

Grow your business with the right technology to back you up. 10.28 experts are here to guide you throughout implementation and management.

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