Equip your business with a powerful in-memory database

Amplify Your Growth with the Right Solution

Make smarter business decisions on the fly with a reliable database management system – that’s what SAP HANA offers. 10.28 experts can help you set up and implement this solution to streamline your operations and provide you with robust transactional processing. We can help your organization develop native apps using the SAP HANA infrastructure. With SAP HANA, you can analyze data from core cross-functional areas of your business and get impactful insights.

SAP Hana

Why Choose SAP HANA?

Harness the power of big data, manage real-time transactional processing, and conduct advanced analytics with one solution. SAP HANA gives you the technology to gain valuable insights and develop innovative applications to improve operational efficiency.

  • Can be deployed as an on-premise appliance, cloud environment, or seamless hybrid solution – whichever fits your business setup
  • Includes advanced features for data visualization, spatial processing, and predictive analysis
  • Proven reliability on security, privacy, and anonymization

Make the Most Out of SAP HANA

10.28 experts can guide you in the smooth deployment and automation of SAP HANA, so you can get the most out of this database technology. We can help you transition some of your existing applications on old databases to this platform. Our consultants will work with you and provide you the best industry practices in implementing SAP HANA across your operations.


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