The Best Software for Small Businesses

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Every business enterprise aims at obtaining the desired gain or profit. Hence, every businessman does all the available ways in order to entice buyers and investors. Finding the appropriate tool can be overwhelming even for tech-savvy people.

Tools may come as a monthly or yearly subscription. However, small businesses may not need feature-rich and expensive programs to get the job done. There are available low-priced alternatives. It is good that before trying out a tool, one must pay attention to its available features and characteristics during a trial. It is also good to check how long the trial runs and when it starts.

Here is a list of the best characteristics of software for small businesses.

Accounting and Invoicing

It is a web-based accounting and invoicing service. Some of its features are sales, collection, disbursements, and financial reporting. It also includes expense tracking, direct bank data imports, receipt management, recurring invoicing, and credit card processing. It also has a mobile app for managing receipts and invoices. The service is ideal for businesses with up to 5 employees.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This software is used for tracking the company’s interactions with clients and prospects. It allows one to have access to sales management, contacts, accounts, tasks, and opportunities. The marketing automation component provides email templates and email opt-out.

Email Marketing

One of the effective marketing channels is email marketing. Collecting emails and sending valuable information to the mailing list keeps one’s company top of mind. One of the best email marketing programs comes with free testing, custom forms, segmentation, and reports.

File backup and management

Employees can back up and access company critical files with the help of the best software. It offers standard data backup and recovery features to ensure data are protected and secured.

File Recovery

Usually, people delete files in a computer thinking that they do not need these files anymore and the hope of using a faster computer. This software does not allow the deletion of files and all transactions have audit trail logs

Outlook Sync

It is important to use a program that keeps one updated with appointments and information wherever he or she may go. Microsoft Outlook Integration add-on can be used for this purpose. This software enables you to exchange and share data between SAP Business One and Microsoft Outlook to keep you and your colleagues updated about business developments and acknowledge business opportunities.

There may be a lot of software that can provide intelligent enterprise for small businesses but all these services can be given by SAP Business One.  Imagine all these services fused into one business software. It is a data solution not just for big companies but for small enterprises. It is not only limited to accounting system services but also to sales management, logistic management, and inventory management. In this fast-paced world, SAP Philippines opens businesses to digital transformation.

Finding the right SAP provider is the next thing to do. Fortunately, we have 1028 Business Consultancy which is an accredited partner of SAP that can sell licenses, implement, and train your staff for SAP Business One. You may contact them at 09177177103 / 09224310691 or send an email to

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