Other Products and Services

Project Management Tool (PM Tool)

Project Management Tool (PM Tool) is a web based application used to manage construction operations, activities and resources over a projects life cycle. This is designed to provide convenience to project managers who plans, monitors and track project status, budget, expense and profitability. This will help improves employee’s level of productivity as this will help them do their task efficiently. This will also simplifies their function in managing activities related to projects by replacing manual processes with system based process and interaction. The application will basically aid the critical process of construction such as decision-making, budget management, job scheduling and cost control.

  • Eliminate process redundancies
  • Lessen turn over time of requests as approvals
  • Timely and Accurate recording of project cost.
  • Data and Reports will be available on time
  • Easier Tracking and Monitoring of Equipment availability and schedule
  • Improve Productivity
  • Integrated Solution. Seamless system Integration.

Sales and Logistic Management System

Sales and Logistic Management System is a web based application used to manage sales, warehouse and delivery operations such as receiving and processing of customer order, checking and preparing inventory, packing and picking an item, delivery monitoring, invoicing and collection. The application also includes a mobile application extension that allows salesman to enrol new customers, capture new sales, track customer delivery and monitor his own productivity.

  • Improve Product Delivery to Customer as you easily track pending, on processed, cancelled orders
  • Help manage customer receivables
  • Keeps Inventory at optimal levels as orders and delivery can be planned ahead
  • Easier scheduling of routes and delivery cycle

E-Commerce Website

E-commerce website is an online platform that allows businesses to sell products over the internet. This is commonly called nowadays as “Online Shopping”.

  • Easily sell products online including management of inventory, prices, promotions
  • Customer may purchase products anywhere and anytime
  • Low operational cost
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