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10.28 History

Before the company’s inception, our CEO, Mrs. May Farrah Detuya-Vidal, faced a crossroads in her career. Despite having consumed leadership and business books aplenty, she remained uncertain and unfulfilled about her path. And so she chose to rely on her faith instead, desiring more of God’s guidance and wisdom in her life. On that fateful day of October 28, 2007, Mrs. Farrah joyfully purchased her first Holy Bible.


Then years later, Mrs. Farrah got united in matrimony with Mr. Henrich Vidal, coincidentally on the same date of October 28. Together, they recognized the significance of this date — a calling to serve God by serving others. And thus, the firm was born as 10.28, named after the meaningful and momentous date of October 28 — a company founded on the principles of faith and love to transform lives.

10.28 History

Established in 2012, our company was founded by a visionary former CFO who encountered firsthand the challenges of business reporting. Driven by the belief in SAP solutions’ transformative potential, we began by offering reliable solutions tailored to small to medium businesses, specializing in SAP B1 and SAP B1 Powered by Hana.


Starting small in Cebu, we’ve evolved into a trusted SAP solutions provider in the Philippines, with satellite offices in Bacolod, Manila, and Davao. By 2023, we achieved the SAP Gold Partnership and expanded our services to large enterprises and multinational companies through GROW with SAP. In 2024, we introduced Optimize powered by SAP Hana, reflecting our commitment to innovation and client success.

10.28 History
“And we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.”
Romans 8:28

10.28 Core Values

At 10.28, our mission is to SERVE WITH HEART, enabling everyone—our clients, our employees and their families—to achieve their dreams. We don’t just enhance businesses; we uplift lives. Fostering togetherness, we support our employees’ growth alongside the business, ensuring their well-being.
Core Values
In our work and relationships, and everything we do, each of us lives and breathes by our core values of E-IMPACT:

Excellence : I work with enthusiasm, delivering top-quality results for God’s glory.

Integrity : I practice honesty, reliability, and trustworthiness, as Christ’s ambassador.

Mutual Development : I nurture a culture of giving, committed to the calling to serve.

Proper Stewardship : I serve as a faithful steward of the company’s mission.

Accountability : I take responsibility for my actions and their impact on others.

Commitment : I uphold my work’s purpose and remain faithful to the company’s principles.

Teamwork : I collaborate with the team, valuing combined strengths for top-quality results.

10.28 Mission

We pledge sincerity and passion in every client interaction, distinguishing us as trusted advisors who serve beyond contractual obligations. Committed to consultative selling, we provide tailored business advice and solutions, assisting clients throughout their growth journey. We ensure proactive support, prioritizing client satisfaction and well-being.
Embracing our mission to serve others, we also devote time to giving back to the community. Through scholarship programs, outreach, and environmental initiatives, we strive to make a positive impact and fulfill our calling to serve.
About Us Mission

10.28 Vision

We aspire to expand globally as a business management solutions provider of choice, transforming lives and businesses through world-class solutions and services in God’s glory, one client at a time.

About Us Vision
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