About us

10.28 (formerly Junrex Consulting, Inc.) officially started its operations since August 8, 2012 managed by Ms. May Farrah Detuya-Vidal. The idea was originally conceptualized way back 2008 after gaining relevant experience in the field of implementing SAP Business One. 10.28, an Open Ecosystem Partner of SAP, brings together its expertise to help companies work smarter by leveraging technology to enhance clients’ productivity.

10.28’s primary focus is to grow SAP Business One community and works with SME clients to help them address business challenges at hand and to continually make informed decisions on the days ahead. 10.28 consultants know industry best practices but are also willing to listen to understand unique business requirements resulting to an implementation that is tailored to companies’ needs and at the same time incorporated to industry standards. 10.28 consultants deliver action plans that effectively support company’s goals & objectives and allow clients to focus on their core business while 10.28 takes care of the technology.

10.28’s Team is driven to deliver high quality service and is 101% committed to becoming a strategic partner in providing companies objective information, guidance and support throughout all business processes so that business owners can make sound and timely decisions which will lead to Lasting Value Creation.

How we can help you

  • Secure browser- based access from anywhere, at anytime
  • Reflect transactional activity as it happens with real-time analysis
  • Increase productivity of employees
  • Comprehensive sales and service functions
  • Manage IT infrastructure with minimal investment; lower total cost of ownership
  • Solution operated by certified partners with knowledge of local SME business/industry
  • Real-time analytics, innovative scenarios and high transactional throughput and capacity
  • Easy to operate via compelling lifecycle management tools at reduced Total Cost of Ownership for partners
how can we help you?

Contact us at the 10.28Business nearest office or submit a business inquiry online.

There was a challenge for us to keep track of our financials and administrative systems while focusing on our operations. Thanks to 10.28, we’re able to streamline these processes so we could maximize revenues while managing our back end system better.

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