About Us

10.28, formerly Junrex Consulting, Inc., started its operations in August 2012 under the leadership of May Farrah Detuya-Vidal. Before becoming fully operational, the company gained experience as a consultancy business in implementing SAP Business One in 2008. From there on, we expanded our expertise to assist SMEs across the country. As an Open Ecosystem Partner of SAP, 10.28 offers its services to provide companies with the technological footing and enable them to work smarter in a competitive space.

The primary focus of 10.28 is to expose businesses to the opportunities of using SAP Business One and similar solutions. As a digital tech advocate, we aim to expand the SAP Business community and encourage the smart implementation of these solutions for SMEs. We help clients develop a better understanding of how technology works to their advantage so they can address business challenges and make informed decisions.

Our consultants follow the best industry practices but remain open to the different business requirements of SMEs. This allows us to provide implementation tailored to the specific needs of the business while providing industry expertise. We provide action plans that support the growth of clients. 

1028 Team

10.28 goes above and beyond to deliver high quality service. Our 101% commitment towards scalability provides businesses with a partner that offers objective information and unwavering support throughout their growth journey.

We’re Here to Help


Secure browser- based access from anywhere, at anytime


Reflect transactional activity as it happens with real-time analysis


Increase productivity of employees


Comprehensive sales and service functions


Manage IT infrastructure with minimal investment; lower total cost of ownership


Solution operated by certified partners with knowledge of local SME business/industry


Real-time analytics, innovative scenarios and high transactional throughput and capacity


Easy to operate via compelling lifecycle management tools at reduced Total Cost of Ownership for partners

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