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Streamline Operations Maximize Business Growth Potential

What Is GROW with SAP?

GROW with SAP is a cloud ERP system tailored to fuel business growth. This comprehensive solution streamlines operations and boosts growth through integrated functionalities. It delivers real-time insights for informed decisions and uses AI for predictive analytics, optimizing resource use for efficiency and profitability.

With seamless communication tools, it enables teams to collaborate effectively, enhancing agility and productivity while reducing errors. It also includes industry best practices for accelerated growth and manages complex legal and tax requirements, so you can focus on growing your business. Designed for security and ease of use, GROW with SAP ensures consistent updates and guided implementation for a hassle-free experience.

Easier Setup
Improved Workflows

Future-Proof Your Business with GROW with SAP

GROW with SAP offers a cloud-based ERP system built on the cutting-edge SAP Cloud Next-Gen ERP Architecture. This solution addresses the six key drivers impacting businesses today:
End-to-End Processes
Seamless integration across all functions for enhanced efficiency and real-time control.
Technological Edge
Stay ahead of the curve with a system designed to adapt to technological disruptions.
Ecosystem Solutions
Effortlessly integrate with a wide range of applications for a customized, agile environment.
Spend Management
Optimize spend and improve supplier collaboration through a unified business network.
Access tailored solutions for diverse industries, addressing unique challenges and opportunities.
Manage talent effectively and build stronger customer relationships for long-term loyalty.

The Complete Productivity Suite for Growing Businesses

Grow with SAP can streamline business financial operations and boost overall efficiency across diverse industries.

Packages for GROW with SAP

SAP aligns its licensing with built-in best practices for specific business processes, offering a flexible user access model for your ERP system.

Why 10.28 is Your Ideal GROW with SAP Partner

As a recognized SAP Gold Partner in the Philippines, we pride ourselves on the highest level of expertise to implement and support GROW with SAP effectively. Our team of experts at 10.28 provides end-to-end support, guiding you from initial consultation to ongoing maintenance. We stay true to our commitment to helping you thrive through every stage of your business journey. Our support extends beyond the initial implementation with ongoing training, consultations, and support to ensure you continuously maximize the value of GROW with SAP.

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With the market competition getting tougher, optimizing operations and maximizing efficiency becomes a must for any business to grow and thrive. Discover how GROW with SAP can empower you to take control of your growth journey. Request a free, personalized demo today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SAP and GROW with SAP?

SAP refers to the company itself (SAP SE) and the broad range of enterprise software solutions it offers, including its flagship ERP system, SAP S/4HANA. Its products include systems engineered to streamline core business processes to optimize efficiency. On the other hand, GROW with SAP is a specific program offered by SAP that helps growing and large businesses implement SAP S/4HANA Cloud (the public edition) on their systems. It is equipped with functionalities that optimize key operations to drive business growth while facilitating seamless transitions.

What are the benefits of GROW with SAP for scale-up companies?

GROW with SAP offers a variety of benefits for businesses seeking solutions to support their growth. Some of its key benefits include:

  • Focus on Growth: Pre-configured functionalities and easy scaling support your growth journey.
  • Efficiency Maximization: Streamlined processes, real-time data insights, and reduced IT burden lead to cost savings.
  • Competitive Edge: Agile adaptation, enhanced customer satisfaction, and data-driven decisions give you a market advantage.
  • Reduced Risk: Predictable costs and a proven implementation approach minimize deployment risk.
  • Expert Guidance: At 10.28, we provide proactive support to our clients. Our expert team will always be ready to assist you in maximizing the potential of GROW with SAP for your business.

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