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The process of digital transformation is not a one-size-fits-all solution. At 10.28 Business Consultancy, we recognize that every small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) has its own challenges and aspirations. Thus, we offer strategy services, custom-tailored to each business, to facilitate seamless transitions.

We work closely with our clients as partners for success, offering strategic planning services that align with their long-term business goals. From IT optimization to technology roadmapping, our team's expertise ensures measurable outcomes driving business growth and innovation.

Our Strategy Services

Digital Transformation Strategy
Our team specializes in developing robust strategies to seamlessly integrate digital technology into business operations, enhancing processes and delivering exceptional value to customers.
IT Strategy
Our strategy methodology integrates your IT capabilities with core business objectives. This approach optimizes IT infrastructure and maximizes the potential value of technology investments.
Cloud Strategy
We assist businesses in crafting complex cloud migration roadmaps for optimized usage. Our expertise enhances scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency through seamless platform integration.
Data Strategy
With our technology-driven capabilities, we help clients develop comprehensive data strategies to fuel business insights, improve decision-making processes, and gain a competitive edge.
Cybersecurity Strategy
We tailor security measures to industry needs. We deploy robust protocols and establish ongoing monitoring and response plans to safeguard digital assets from cyber breaches or attacks.
Technology Roadmapping
We create long-term technology roadmaps aligned with your business goals. By identifying trends and prioritizing technology investments, we position your business for future growth and innovation.
Enterprise Architecture
We specialize in building and fine-tuning enterprise architecture frameworks to seamlessly integrate, scale, and align IT systems and applications with your business's growth trajectory.
Innovation Strategy
Our certified consultants lead innovation workshops, conduct tech assessments, and identify opportunities with AI, IoT, blockchain, and AR/VR to drive innovation and gain a competitive edge.
Agile Transformation
We enable organizations to implement agile methodologies and practices with the necessary tools and industry knowledge to boost project delivery speed, flexibility, and collaboration.
10.28 Business Consultancy provides strategy services for sustainable growth, offering tailored solutions and actionable insights. With our personalized approach and industry experience, we're the trusted partner for navigating the complex digital landscape.

Reach out to us today and discover how our strategy services can build a technology-driven path to growth and innovation.

SAP Implementation

10.28 Business Consultancy provides specialized SAP implementation services that are tailor-fit to the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As the leading SAP partner in the Philippines, our certified consultants offer support at every phase of SAP implementation while ensuring operational costs are kept to a minimum. With our streamlined SAP ERP solutions, we aim to strengthen your business's success and performance and expand your market reach.
What Is the Typical Process for Implementing SAP Products for a New Client?

Scoping of Business Processes

Our team will engage with various stakeholders to understand their current workflows and pain points. By doing so, we can identify the key areas to address and set clear objectives to ensure that the SAP system’s design aligns with specific business requirements.

Fit-Gap Analysis

We will conduct a fit-gap analysis to determine the compatibility between your current business process and SAP system capabilities. Using this analysis, we can identify "fits," where the system aligns with the business processes, and "gaps," where discrepancies exist. We can also recommend industry best practices, innovative solutions, and workarounds for identified gaps.

Mapping Agreed Processes to SAP

After establishing the agreed-upon processes, we will map them to SAP as the basis for database configuration. Leveraging our years of experience, our team will effectively convert your business processes into the SAP framework and set up its architecture to support your operational blueprint.

User Testing and Training

Once the database is configured, it will be presented to users for testing or trial runs to confirm how the system operates correctly and to ensure that it meets their requirements. Any identified concerns or issues are logged and handled by our team for further testing. After receiving user approval for the database, we will provide comprehensive training on the final database and procedures to effectively navigate and utilize the SAP system.

Data Migration

Our team will focus on one of the most critical steps in SAP rollouts: the migration of final master data and cut-over balances. We will offer suitable templates for data cleansing, validation, and migration activities to fit the SAP system’s requirements without interrupting business continuity.

System Go-Live

Following the final preparation, the entire project team will convene to determine whether all aspects of the implementation are in place and ready for system go-live. If there are no pending issues to resolve, we will proceed with the system’s activation and evaluate the implementation afterward.

What Are the Measurable Benefits of Implementing SAP Solutions?

Utilizing SAP Business One provides numerous benefits, such as improved visibility into profit margins via real-time inventory, expenditure, and cost tracking. It also enables businesses to enhance control over cash flows by offering clear insights into accounts payable and receivable aging, facilitating strategic working capital management.

SAP Support

At 10.28, our certified consultants ensure seamless implementation and continuous support for our solutions. Post-sale support is a cornerstone of our service, as it allows us to keep you updated with the latest enablements, help with any improvements, and maintain the optimal performance of your systems.

We offer an array of packages for support, which clients can avail of at a discounted price. The coverage includes system checks, upgrades, troubleshooting, and more. We also specialize in process roadmapping to identify innovative procedures as your business expands. Our strategic roadmapping helps identify which functionalities can be implemented for the company to maximize the full potential of SAP Business One.
SAP implementation is not just about installing software—it's about laying the groundwork for future success. With the right partner, the right approach, and a commitment to excellence, businesses can transform their operations and reinforce their position in a competitive marketplace. While implementing SAP can be challenging, its benefits are substantial, making it a crucial investment for long-term business success.

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